About Us

Roster Match is owned and operated by Glossy Labs.

Roster Match is a college sports recruiting application empowering student-athletes and their families to take control of the college recruiting process. Powered by modern technology and a massive

database of college information and Varsity sports programs, Roster Match democratizes

access to admissions information, Varsity sports programs, recruiting forms, rosters and coaches to help student-athletes find and connect to the perfect program. Let's go!

Our People

From software developers to former admissions officers & student-athletes

We Understand College Recruiting and Technology

Former Student-Athletes

The Roster Match team includes student-athletes that have gone through the recruiting process and understand both the pitfalls and the opportunities.

Admissions Officers

Roster Match works with former Admissions Officers to ensure we have the best read on what colleges and universities are looking for in their applicants.


Roster Match works directly with current and former coaches to help optimize matching athletes to programs effectively and affordably.


We know how to build robust technology fit-for-purpose to democratize college sports recruiting to enable broader access to athletic programs.

Our Applications

Built in-house by our talented team with a modern stack, modular and extensible.

Our Technical Capabilities

Building applications like Roster Match requires serious tech chops.

Software Engineering

Full stack engineers power everything we build, from modern architecture to SOTA design prrinciples.

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps power our matching capabilities and software efficiency, delivering exceiptional performance.

Robotic Process Automation

Modern RPA helps reduce duplicative tasks, increases speed and reducing data entry errors.

Search Algorithms

Getting to the information you need fast requires robust use of modern algorithms to power search.

Matching Technologies

Best identifying which results to show to whom is powered by modern approaches to matching tech.

Big Data

Our applications are powered by reams of data, accessing, sorting and presenting this data efficiently is key.

The Roster Match service and team continues to grow quickly. If you'd like to be a part

of the future of college athletic recruiting, please send us your resume.

If you'd like to get in touch in general, contact us anytime.

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