Roster Match is your partner in the process.

Coaches at top college programs want to hear directly from interested, motivated student-athletes. Roster Match gets you there.

Find programs that match your interests.

Powerful search tools help you save time and not miss an opportunity.

Filter programs for the perfect match.

Filter by division, geography, costs, aid and academic standards.

Contact coaches directly.

Contact coaches directly from Roster Match and keep track of your progress.


Our awesome features

How it works

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Our awesome features

Much more than a list.

Search and sort in fine detail.


All three NCAA divisions, plus the NAIA, NJCAA, NWAC and more.


Need to research NCAA FBS or FCS schools? We can help.


From the Atlantic 10 to the Western Athletic Conference, 38 conferences are covered.


Search and sort schools and programs by all 50 States and US territories.

Take control of the process.

Roster Match offers all the tools you need to manage the recruiting process.

Our awesome features

Roster Match provides prospective student-athletes with tools to search thousands of programs to find the best match for them.

Our awesome features
Detailed School Info

Review detailed school information from size to enrollment to acceptance rate to average test scores.

Our awesome features
View & Save Programs

See which Varsity teams each school offers for both Men and Women. Save your favorite programs to reach out.

Our awesome features
Connect with Programs

Direct access to team websites, coach information, rosters and recruiting forms.

Our awesome features

Roster Match enables athletes to send communications to coaches directly through secure technology. Coaches receive emails directly from motivated student-athletes, not from an agency.

Our awesome features
Manage the process

Roster Match provides tools to help student-athletes manage the recruiting process to stay on top of deadlines and keep everything moving forward, nothing falls through the cracks.

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